Giving Away the Milk for Free

Tell the fans what they missed. Show them the magic you made.


You can tweet too much, of course. You can burn out your feed with endless posts, so some updates don’t “make the cut”.  New promotions, ticket offers, merchandise, transaction news and game updates….all important.

But amid all those vital posts, don’t forget to share your success!  Tell the fans what they missed. Show them your last promotion was a blast. Give them a photo of the smiles you created. Make them regret they missed out.

Make them regret they missed out.

In doing so, you are showing them your promotions matter. They are creating magical moments, experiences and memories.

And when you show fans last night’s promotion was special, you are telling them your next promotion is likely to be special too. It’s what you do….make magic.

I challenge any to scroll back on their feed and find three tweets that just show how much fun your LAST game was.  For many you will be scrolling back a long time.

Don’t forget to share the smiles.  Share the magic your event is creating.

It’s what you do.

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