Giveaway with Satin Booster

Championship reunion will feature Poster Giveaway and the release of a new jacket.

Clever combination from the Pistons.  Fans receive a commemorative poster for their 20th Anniversary of the 2004 Championship at the door.

In conjunction with the giveaway the team is releasing a special edition red satin Starter Jacket designed by Ty Mopkins.

Ty Mopkins is the Founder of the Mopkins Group. His demonstrated history of working in the apparel, footwear and Fashion industry make him a valued resource for the team.

Ty is a pillar in the Detroit community. An expert in merchandise, textiles, and the latest trends, Ty continues to give back to the city by feeding the homeless and making sure our children have the back-to-school essentials they need to thrive. Ty Mopkins and Starter have come together with the Detroit Pistons to create a unique collection that includes a special edition Starter jacket, hoodie, and long sleeve. (Pistons Team Store)

The team has a whole line from Mopkins in their team shop.

Nice touch to promote the jackets in conjunction with the theme night.

In addition, players from the championship team will be in attendance on that night.

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