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Pickle Ball, jerseys, trading cards, rally towels and even a mascot in a phone booth. Giveaways draw fans and we track it all.

Our ever-growing Giveaways Page has some updates.  Each month we add several new giveaways from around sports.  Designed to highlight interesting giveaways and showcasing how teams are promoting and marketing these premium value-added gifts.

It can also provide some trends, as you will see team teams following new concepts to rejuvenated favorites.  This month I saw a lot of alternate jersey giveaways.  Many teams have rebranded with alternate identities or have new jersey options and these have proven to be popular with fans.  Plus there has been a big bump in Rally Towels with many teams pulling that old favorite into their giveaway line-up.  Here is a sample of what we add this month.

  • Rally Towel
  • Dry Bag
  • License Plate Frame and Car Decal Set
  • Team Mascot Bobblehead in London Phone Booth
  • Piece of a WNBA Championship Court
  • Pickle Ball racquet
  • Custom Alternate Jerseys
  • Trading Cards
  • Scrubs and Gel Packs
  • Pom Poms
  • Team Photo Cards
  • Cooling Towels
  • Garden Flags
  • Short Sleeved Hoodie (Cudo endorsed), and
  • Crossbody Bags

And an example of the resurgent Rally Towels.

Rally Towels

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