Giving or Receiving? Promos Go Both Ways

Promotions are not always giving fans something of value, these teams show how receiving something from fans can build a strong connection.

We often think of promotions as walking in the gates and receiving something.  Some thing of value to draw you in and further connect you with your team.

I was reminded by this Pittsburgh Penguin tweet that promotions work both ways.  Fans can give part of themselves and build that same bond.  Become part of the team by giving something of themselves.

Here are a couple examples.

First the Pens showcased a “value of sports” video, with players noting the value of kids taking part in sports. They share how it effected them on and off the ice.  Strong video element.

Inspired by the message local youth hockey players sent players drawings and notes telling the players what they love about sports. The drawings were posted for the players near the locker room.  The team shared some photos of players enjoying the drawings.

Can you think of a better way to make a young fan feel connected than their favorite players looking at THEIR art?

Promotions like this can be gifts/messages for players, a birthday card or “get well” card for an injured player, or just a coloring contest that showcases fan art at the games. Kids can see their art displayed at the game and know they are a part of something bigger.

The Utica Comets have a wall of fan art on permanent display on their concourse.  These kids are forever part of the team (and it makes for an interesting display).

I enjoyed the reminder that promotions are not always what you get, but they are ways to promote the connection between you and your fans.

Sometimes it’s better to receive.

Utica Comets Fan Art Wall

Utica Comets Fan Art

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