G-Wiz Upends the Standard Programming

G-Wiz refuses to limit his skits to 90 seconds on the court and reimagines his format for this Taylor Swift run-up.

Any mascot can fall into the trap of doing the same game format night in and night out.  So it always catches my eye when someone changes up their entire game format for content.

Here G-Wiz doesn’t do a Taylor Swift skit…he does a full game of Taylor Swift.  Following her repeated cut-away shots in a Suite watching boyfriend Travis Kelce play, G-Wiz transformed into G-Swift for a night of fun in a Suite…with repeated scoreboard shots.  A fun run-up of the Swift-experience and a reminder that skits aren’t always 90 seconds on court. Your format is only limited by your imagination.

Recap: Mascot Mousetrap

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