Fur Band 20 Year Celebration

Fightin’ Phils celebrate 20 years of their fun and furry Mascot Band.

Big anniversary for the Fightin’s in-house furry band.  The Mascot Band turned 20 over the weekend and the team took notice.

The Mascot Band promotes not only learning music theory at a young age, but also discovering playing with a love of music. Their philosophy is that everyone should play an instrument at some point in their life. “You should practice often, with the goal of becoming the best musician possible, however, don’t wait until you’re an expert to just get up in front of your family and friends and HAVE FUN playing music!”

The Mascot Band was also a 2019 Best of Winner for best Entertainment Group.  Great use of innovative entertainment that is perfectly on-brand for the team. Their ensemble cast of characters including mascots, the band and the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor provides a variety of traditions and interactions for fans.

The Phils promotional schedule is always top notch, and a big part of the reason Cudo picked the Phillies Affiliates in the big MILB draft with Ben Hill on the April 2021 Party in the Back Podcast. (and to strike back at Ben for taking his childhood team)

Looking for more MILB playful craziness?  Check out our interview with Josh Pahigian.  His book covers 101 of the best features from baseball teams nation wide.  So many hidden gems to spark your imagination.

Author Josh Pahigian

And if you have any doubt this band has inspired performers, check this out: Mascots playing the National Anthem? Yes please!

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