On the Frontlines in Chicago

Finding ways to pay tribute to Frontline Workers is a growing trend in game presentation. What is your team doing for the front line?

Even before March 2020 there were healthcare, teachers, police and firefighters nights, but post-pandemic there is a now a defined group of workers who deserve team attention.  Similar to Military Appreciation Nights this First Responders group should receive some TLC from your marketing and in-game presentation.

Ticket initiatives, Front Line Worker of the Night, in-game cam’s showcasing these heroes and games built around honoring their efforts are becoming the norm.

A good place to start the considerations or to broaden the option is looking at Military Appreciation Nights. We have a big PULSE article on the topic, plus a lot of flagged content on the site linked below.

How you are reaching out to these stars in the community?

PULSE: Military Appreciation

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