Get Your Oven Mitts and Free Water Here!

We look at oven mitts, terra cotta planters and even free water in a Friday Giveaway feature.

Normally we keep the Water Cooler to promotions, not giveaways….but when your giveaways are so fun and unique and they get people talking they fit in the Water Cooler sectionl.

Like these three giveaways.

First, who doesn’t love a good Oven Mitt and the full imprint called the Isotopes to make theirs look like a baseball glove.  I love it and I want one.

Then its Horticulture Night in Hudson Valley and fans get a mini pot to got green and grow some flowers at home.

  • Shout out to Clare Malone’s Twitter bio comment “You can bring a Horticulture but you can not make her drink.”
  • Also see Free Pot Giveaway in Saint Paul 

Finally the Winston-Salem Dash as giving away a cup of water…but its way more fun that its sounds.  It is Salute to the Slide Night.

To mark a viral video of their Grounds Crew trying to shut off a water valve they are giving away Grounds Crew Hose water, plus offering these in-game perks:

  • $5 Sliders
  • $2 Waters
  • 100 foot Slip and Slide in the Parking lot

Here is that backstory:

Baseball fans have a lot to talk about at the water cooler this weekend; oven mitts, terra cotta planters and even free water.


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