Food As Promotion: Yard Dogging

Metric System is overlooked in this food as promotion eating challenge.

Hosting interesting food choices is another reason to come to the ballpark.

Themed foods, unique twists and “only at the ballpark” ideas can give another reason to spend a night with the local teams.

Here the Vancouver Canadians offer the “Yard Dog”, a three foot hot dog that is literally making me uneasy just watching someone else eat it.

A clever game ops filler time out is highlighting items during time out to promote the offerings and create some buzz.  Jay Kruz, host of the Cincinnati Cyclones, talked about walking through sections with a helmet full of nachos as a giveaway to a hungry fan, which gets people talking and excited for the experience of eat the unique fare. [Jay on the Party in the Back Podcast].

I will add that I have some questions here:

Why is this the Yard Dog in Canada?  Since when do our Northern neighbors use imperial system?  I feel like this should be the Meter Dog, with the offer to wash it down with a Liter of soda.

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