Fist Bumping Experience

Swamp Rabbits create unique experiences for fans to help drive group sales.

Greenville is using exclusive experiences to make their group nights even more appealing.  It’s an example of how valuable finding unique custom ways to engage your fans has real value.

Perhaps that experience is painting the ice, touring the lockeroom or seeing the team bus.  Every group has their own tastes on what is valuable.

Fun example shown in their promotion of allowing a group on the bench during warmups to fist bump players.  That’s a unique experience those kids will not forget and adds incredible value to the group ticket package.

Your game presentation should be a part of this value proposition by helping to build and create inventory.

Like a pre-game siren tradition that revs up the crowd. Your game ops team can offer that to a group as part of the staging to create a unique opportunity.

I recall a team who created a group experience cleaning up chuck-a-pucks even!  They would have the chance to be on the ice to gather up the thrown pucks.  Very memorable for the kids, functional for the game ops staff and helped sell group tickets by creating an experience that had high perceived value.

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