Fin Blows In with Funny Bit

Canucks mascot shows how effective a short bit of comedy can be.

Yesterday at the Water Cooler we talked about boosting your mascot’s content and confidence using BITS over SKITS.

Comedy writing can be daunting. Time can be limited. And your crowd’s patience can vary situationally.

Sometimes it’s better to lower the bar a bit and just build smaller, more simple content.  Bits may not have that viral home-run potential of a well crafted skit, but they also have less chance to bomb.

In comedy, a “bit” and a “skit” are both forms of comedic performances, but they differ in terms of duration, structure, and style.

  1. Bit:
    • A bit is a short, humorous segment or routine within a larger performance.
    • It is typically a brief and self-contained comedic idea that can stand alone or be part of a more extended act.
    • Bits can vary in length from a few seconds to a few minutes.
    • The focus of a bit is usually on a single joke, observation, or punchline.
  2. Skit:
    • A skit is a short, scripted comedy sketch or performance that involves a series of interconnected scenes or jokes.
    • Skits are usually performed by a group of actors or comedians and may involve dialogue, characters, and a storyline.
    • Unlike a bit, a skit is more structured and may have a beginning, middle, and end, often with a comedic resolution.

In summary, a bit is a short and focused comedic routine, often delivered by an individual comedian, while a skit is a scripted and more elaborate performance involving multiple scenes and characters, usually performed by a group.

Yesterday Nordy flexed with clean and simple bit to promote an upcoming giveaway.  Short and simple, check out Wild and Topless in Saint Paul.  Today we look at a BIT from the Canucks’ Fin.  The simple “blowing Leafs fans” is compiled into a video short, but its all essentially the same gag.

When writing mascot content, don’t forget it doesn’t always need to be long and produced.  Simple can really effective.

June 2022 Party in the Back Podcast

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