Evergreen is Gold

Evergreen video content is a valuable investment with uses that go beyond filling pre-game time.

I recently had a conversation with a friend (who works in game operations) who had never seen a time-lapse building conversion from basketball to hockey.  Which is a good reminder that sometimes what’s old is new.

These videos have been around for years showing the incredible transformation that is sometimes done in HOURS between a hockey matinee game and a basketball game at night.

These time-lapse videos show the switch in all their glory and are great evergreen content to have in inventory.  They can fill a pre-game window with interesting content, help cross-sell your other teams or even help sell tickets to your NEXT doubleheader.

Evergreen content refers to videos that remain relevant and valuable to viewers over an extended period, often for years or even indefinitely.

Here one from the Fiserv Forum flexing the skills of their building crews and promoting the weekend cross-sports events at the building.

If you don’t have this content…you should!  😜


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