Entry Form Giveaway

Organize an online promotion and obtain contact details of all participants that register through your customized entry form. has introduced a series of Social Media Promotions (ePromos). We have insights on execution as well as resources and tools to create these social media promotions.

This Entry Form Giveaway will organize an online promotion and obtain contact details of all participants that register through your customized entry form. Offer one of your products or services as the main prize to increase product recognition. Run a final prize draw, choosing a random winner in an automatic and transparent way, and then integrate participant data with your CRM.

This type of giveaway is VERY POPULAR across the social networks, adding the ability to acquire your fans contact information (i.e. email).

With this Entry Form Giveaway option you can generate leads, capture lead information and reward loyal followers with the giveaway app. Ask users to fill out a customized registration form in order to join your prize draw or giveaway. Offer extra entries to users who refer a friend, or reward them with coupons.

Download participant data, add it to your CRM, or update MailChimp subscriber lists in real time. Get detailed statistics about participant sources and peak participation times. Share the giveaway on your website, via email, and on all social media channels.

These turnkey forms customized with the data field you want and the legal terms and conditions you need can be customized to fit your needs. A standard form looks like this:

As noted, you could do a similar promotion on a smaller scale, but our  promotion allows you to tap into some powerful benefits.

  1. Pick a winner automatically
    Select winners and alternates, automatically and at random. Announce the results with an instant video. Use the email platform and Claim Your Prize feature to contact and verify winners.
  2. Certificate of validity
    Generate a public certificate of validity to prove that your contest was free and fair. Share the certificate with participants to confirm their trust in your brand.
  3. Learn more about your leads
    Customize the giveaway registration form to ask the questions that matter to your brand. Export data as an Excel or CSV file, integrate it with your CRM, and update MailChimp subscriber lists in real time.
  4. Word-of-mouth marketing
    Make your contest go viral with the Recruiters feature. Reward users with extra prize draw entries or promotional codes when they refer a friend.
  • Responsive design that works on any device
  • Easy promotion editor that works in real time
  • Embed promotions on any website with Widgets
  • Share promotions online with a unique short URL
  • Collaborate with your team and assign specific roles
  • Fully customizable design
  • Fully customizable registration form
  • Restrict promotions by age or location
  • Export participant data and advanced statistics
  • Award multiple prizes
  • Automatized sending of emails
  • Customize platform labels and translations
  • Multilingual support
  • Pick winners and alternates with a random prize draw
  • Get a certificate of validity to show the contest is fair
  • Announce winners with an instant animated video
  • Share and follow buttons for social media
  • Newsletter opt-in checkbox
  • Seamless, real-time integration with MailChimp
  • Reward participants with extra entries when they refer a friend

The Entry Form can be combined with of your online promotions to maximize the impact.

  • Refer a Friend
    Reward users who refer a friend, or set a recruitment target in order to join the prize draw.
  • Writing Contest
    Add a text field to your promotion. Collect stories, opinions, and reviews.
  • Redeem Codes
    Reward participants with promotional codes to redeem online.
  • Knowledge Quiz
    Challenge participants to a quick quiz about your brand, products or giveaway theme.
  • Distribute Coupon Codes
    Reward participants with coupons and promotional codes to redeem in store.

The VALUE of the Entry Form Giveaway is that can convert your social media followers into contacts. You shift from relying on the social platforms to building a direct relationship with your clients and fans.

There are are three ways you can get started on your next great Entry Form Giveaway ePromotion.

  1. Use the Services of EasyPromos, which include monthly charge to run social media contests and promotions like this.
  2. Use the form below and let us help you run this promotion. works with you planning and creating the promotion and then we do the work and run the promotion for you.


    Can I download the user data from a giveaway with registration form?

    Yes, you can download the list of participants as an Excel or CSV file.

    Who does the participant data from the giveaway belong to?

    The participant data belong to the brand or company that organizes the promotion. Easypromos only uses the user data to facilitate the successful operation of the promotions. Easypromos will NEVER utilize details of registered users for any other reason. We explain this in the Easypromos Privacy Policy (we are the data processors of the data on behalf of the promotion organizers)

    With the Entry Form Giveaway app, do I have tools to adapt the promotion to the data protection regulation, the GDPR?

    In Easypromos, we’re prepared to easily comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can read the good practices and advice here.

    Can I add the Entry Form Giveaway to my website?

    Yes, the promotions can be displayed on a blog or a website using the widget system. You can read this article to learn about the widgets Easypromos has available.

    Can I limit the number of participants in my Entry Form Giveaway?

    Yes, you can decide if you want to close the giveaway when a certain number of registered participants is reached. By default, there is no limit to the number of participants.

    Can I limit the number of entries per user in an Entry Form Giveaway?

    Yes, in the Premium and White Label version, you can decide how many times you want to let the same user participate. The default option is one entry per user.

    Can I limit the participation in the giveaway to users that register with a specific email domain?

    By default, all email addresses are allowed to participate in the promotion but you can limit the entry to an email or group of emails, or if you prefer, to a specific email domain.

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