Recap: What is your End Game with Rob Wicall

Rob Wicall leads a discussion on how to build a successful end of game playbook to get the most out of your elements.

Game Ops Deep Thinker Rob Wicall is our guest on the Huddle to talk about End of Game Situations. We start with framing mascot time outs as a performer and broaden into a discussion for game directors in any sports. Tips and Tricks to pull your fans in and focus their energy during breaks and time outs. What is your End Game and what are you working towards.

Sports performers and producers from baseball, hockey, soccer and basketball were present to share ideas and their best practices to maximize the critical end of game time outs hot.

Rob shared his experience and techniques that includes how to game plan time out, build your inventory, effectively combine your in-game elements to build a your playbook for success.

  • Continue to escalate as the game advances

  • Every time out can’t be super hot

  • Don’t burn out your playbook

We also talked about teams featured asset and how that can help you organize your show and connect your elements.

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