Chihauhaus are for everyone

El Paso Baseball teams efforts are getting noticed by fans…and they will be back for the Chihauhau’s inclusive ballpark setting.

Love this message from a Chihauhau fan showing appreciation for the team and their work with Kulture City to make their games more inclusive.

Kulture City is the nation’s leading nonprofit on sensory accessibility and acceptance for those with invisible disabilities. 1 in 6 individuals. have a sensory need or an invisible disability, These are individuals with ptsd, autism, dementia, strokes just to name a few.

People with Autism and post traumatic stress disorder are sensitive to loud and large venues – generally places that have over-stimulating environments. In many cases, people with these conditions or parents with kids with these conditions avoid going to such places. However, completely avoiding such environments means missing out on some fun and exciting events and being part of a once in a lifetime celebration (like sports events).

Kulture City has been working with venues across the country to make them more accessible and welcome places for people with sensory needs.  This dad illuminates the value when he simple notes he wishes his son was with him.  Which is another way to say this grateful dad will be back.

We talked with Sean Culkin from the Kulture City Board on the March 2022 Party Back Podcast. Sean shared the work Kulture City is doing to create understanding and develop tools like Sensory Bags and Sensory Rooms. Maine Mariners’ Adam Goldberg and Roadrunners’ Kristin Thompson discuss their in-game accommodations.  Give that a listen for more and check the podcast page for more links and details about Kulture City and sensory awareness.

March 2022 Party in the Back Podcast Plus is a network to enhance the fan value of events.  Twice a month we gather for an hour-long discussion on an industry topic with a special guest to share their insights. Leaders like Zack Frongillo (Savannah Bananas), Steve Johnston (Kroenke Sports), Claire Czerniuk (Detroit Pistons), Zoltan Berensci (Harlem Globetrotters), John Franzone (Tampa Bay Lightning), Tyler Ferraro (Vegas Golden Knights), Maurice Brazelton (Sacramento Kings), Jackie Maldonado (Houston Texans), Todd Bosma (Portland Trail Blazers), and Anton Wright (MLSE) have discussed a wide range of industry topics.   Free One Month Trial is available now on PLUS.

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