Dust off the Organ(ist)

Organist from 1970’s Movie is alive and well, now playing at Climate Pledge Arena for the Kraken.

The Kraken continue to find the quirky twists and interesting subplots for their show.

Now they found the organist from Slap Shot who was living in the Pacific Northwest and hadn’t played at a hockey game in over four decades.

He back in front of a live crowd and delighting fans with his play and his backstory.

….and yes, he plays Lady of Spain despite the warnings.


  • October 2021 Party in the Back Podcast – Sky Element Drone Pilot Preston Ward and Charlotte Sports Organist Greazy Keyz join the Party in the Back to talk about their entertaining additions to sports.
  • Socially Savvy Showmen – Organists are building a bridge directly to fans using social media.

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