Dumbest Promotion of the Year

Dumb it up with the Riverdogs and this fun promotion anniversary.

Somethings are so dumb, it makes them great….like this gem from the Riverdogs.

RiverDogs will host the “Dumbest Night of the Year”

  • Custom jerseys (as shown)
  • The van will be outside the front gates for photo opportunities.
  • Free entry for fans named ‘Harry’ or ‘Lloyd’
  • Limo parking will be available.
  • One lucky fan winning a trip to Aspen, as well as a stadium-wide “Most Annoying Sound in the World.”
  • “Theme nights and special jerseys are popular among Minor League Baseball. Some think this is just another one out of a hundred.” said President/GM Dave Echols. “I’d say more like one out of a million.”
  • As with every Monday game, fans can bring their dogs out to the ballpark.
  • Mondays feature $1 Busch Light and $1 hot dogs.
  • Plus, fans can enjoy a bonus food special: the soup du jour.

Sounds delicious.

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