This Water Cooler was Brought to you by Luuuuuiiigggiiis!

RubberDucks calling out their iconic sponsor hook and reminding people that baseball is coming.

Funny meme from the RubberDucks calling out their iconic sponsor hook and reminding people that baseball is coming.

We just referenced this exact sponsor hook this month on a Plus Huddle.

The Huddle Topic was quirky sponsor hits like a broken glass sound effect after a foul ball, repeating PA announcement trigger or sponsored audio clip for a Power Play. These quick in-game elements  provide valuable sponsor inventory without filling an inning-break or time out.  We looked at examples and discussed how to create a powerful hook.  Guest paneled by Amanda Greco and Vegas Golden Knights Tyler Ferraro.   We were joined by teams in the the NHL, MILB, WWE, NBA, MLR and more.

  • Akron RubberDucks – LUIGI:  Whenever a foul ball left the field and went into the stands the PA would read: “Fans, that foul ball was brought to you by LUIGI.”  Scoreboard provided the company logo to support as well.  Without actively instructing anyone the fans have become trained to shout “LUIGI” with the announcement.  Even this early-season Wednesday Night crowd of 1,295 fans was making a lot of noise for each successive foul ball. Luigi’s is a down-home institution offering hearty pies and now memorable to baseball fans from this sponsor hook.

High Five – Akron RubberDucks Plus is our value-added membership site. It is a network to enhance the fan value of events.  Twice a month we gather for an hour long discussion on an industry topic with a special guest to share their insights. Leaders like Claire Czerniuk, Zoltan Berensci, John Franzone, Tyler Ferraro, Maurice Brazelton, Jackie Maldonado, Todd Bosma, and Anton Wright have discussed topics from developing talent to building a home-field advantage. Upcoming calls include Zach Frongillo from the Savannah Bananas (7/27) and Colleen Flynn from Mascot-Link (7/13).  Free One Month Trial is available now on PLUS.

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