Donald v Rosie Night

Rosie vs Donald Trump from more innocent times.

Found this gem in our archives, from a more innocent time when the feud was between two celebrities…not the sitting President of the United States.

This from the Hagerstown Suns, reported on by our friend Benjamin Hill.

The Suns’ website offers this nugget of wisdom: “When a celebrity dispute reaches a boiling point, the only sensible means to settle the argument is through a contest at a Minor League Baseball game in Hagerstown, Maryland.”


Therefore, Friday is “Donald vs. Rosie Night” at Municipal Stadium, in which fans vote on who is the superior celebrity. In a bit of altruistic extortion, those who wish to vote can only do so by purchasing a pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon. The results will be announced upon the conclusion of the game, and fireworks will follow.

But that’s not all! The Suns will be celebrating celebrity feuds all game long, with trivia relating to memorable battles such as Hilton vs. Ritchie and Oprah vs. Letterman.

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