Do the Five Challenge

Wrap-up on our DO THE FIVE Mascot Challenge, including the amazing winning post by The Spurs Coyote.

With most of North America on lock-down from the COVID-19 Virus most teams are turning to social media to stay connected and engaged with fans. We laid out a challenge for any and all mascots to drive content while informing and enforcing the importance of Doing the Five.

Winner have been selected …. see below:

The “Do the Five” campaign raises awareness of simple measures people can take to slow the spread of the disease, according to the WHO. Millions have seen the message, but using mascot platforms you can amplify the message and stress its importance to fans.  Here it is:

We challenged for mascots to make fun, creative, memorable message that enforces and promotes DO THE FIVE. Like this sample:

Thank you to everyone who participated, we enjoyed seeing the creative juices flowing in costume.

Winner: The Spur Coyote walked away with top honors in our contest with this AMAZING video production and custom song. Check it out.

The Coyote wins $100 on The Store at, sadly we don’t sell pants on our store.

Also winning $25 Amazon gift cards was Cash the Soccer Rocker mascot of the Vegas Lights FC. As a Rocker Cash knows how to pen a jingle and he did that for the Do the Five challenge with a multiple day drop of lyrics.  Also winning a gift card was Flash the Eagle (Kent State) with his video showing his current sad state of social distance and reminding fans to Do the Five.

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