A Win for Local Designers, Fans and Team

The Jumbo Shrimp WIN big with this design contest and t-shirt giveaway. See how they pull fans in and everyone is a winner.

Here is a fun example of the vaunted WIN – WIN- WIN.

The Jumbo Shrimp are offering a design content for a t-shirt giveaway.

Local designers and fans get to submit their artwork. They have the chance to see their design for by hundreds of fans and have the chance to win tickets for the game.  Of course, this applies to kids and fans of all ages too.  Win for anyone who like to design and draw.

Fans Win with a fresh t-shirt giveaway at the game too, plus

The team benefits from all the submissions and interest in the brand, along with a fresh new look that boasts an organic fan design. Plus every bit of energy they put into getting art from fans is also a promotion for the shirt design. Win.

Check out this Water Cooler story about how fan voting gets fan vested in the results:

While we’re asking our followers about their tastes, Twitter Polls can help you ensure that your content is connecting with the greatest number of your followers. How? By having them give feedback before you begin promoting. How many of us have spent a solid hour trying to decide between two different headlines? These are decisions that you can throw to your audience in a poll. Not only does it save you the trouble, you also know that whatever the majority chooses is most likely to catch their attention in the end. Plus, by actually answering your poll the audience might just become invested in the outcome. They’ll probably be keeping a keen eye out for the finished product. (via Hootsuite)

Also check out our story on Crowdsourcing content, which could include designing contests like this.

Crowdsourcing Content

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