Deer Widows Night

Mourning widows targeted for hockey promotion.

Speak to your fans in a language they will understand. Which in a related twist might mean others may have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

Case and Point: This great Ladies Night promotion from the Muskegon Lumberjacks. Ladies Nights are a fine way to engage with your female fans and the team has the promotion in good form with ticket, food, beer and wine, Mary Kay gift bag and a pre-game talk from the coach. VIP treatment and some nice exclusive perks.

While the promo was technically called Hockey ‘n Heels, I really enjoyed the twitter call out for Deer Widows. For those who live in a non-hunting part of the world I’m guessing the team is a bit confusing. Here is a definition (Hunter/Deer Widow)

the spouse or significant other of a hunter, whom, during hunting season, is typically left alone, “widowed” by their hunter spouse’s prolonged absences; includes sleeping alone in the marriage bed, minimal sex life, extra essential babysitting responsibilities (for those with children), refrigerator depleted of beer supplies, bank account depleted of financial supplies, and the itty bitty possibility of said hunter spouse bringing home some fresh meat.
Girls’ night out while my husband is in the woods; I’m a hunter’s widow this weekend.
So Deer Widows will be gathering for some hockey and drinks while the hunter’s gather some food. Or perhaps some of these other options.
Don’t forget to talk to your fans in a language they will understand.

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