December 2016 Podcast

Walker, Cudo, Hill and Carter reunite for the 7th Annual Best of Awards Podcast. Get this crew’s take on the winner, notables and much more. Plus hear Ben Hill sing.

Pat Walker (3 Point Productions), Ben Hill (, an ailing Scott Carter (Camelback Ranch), and Jon Cudo ( together for the 7th Annual Best of Awards Roundtable Podcast.  These four discuss each category, the winners, notables, their picks and industry news.

See the Best of 2016 Awards page for all the details and winners.  Also hear what Game Promotion from Pennsylvania Ben Hill found most interesting and how, upon further inspection, the name doesn’t do it justice.  Find out who Scott Carter thinks could win Best Mascot every year (even though he didn’t win this year).  Jon Cudo talks about the WWE’s cutting edge introduction and how teams can learn from their unique presentation.  Pat Walker shares why he thinks the model for this year’s Best Entertainment Team might spread around to other teams.

Lots of insight and fun in this 1 hour podcast.  We hope you enjoy it.  Cudo also drops a hint on a January Podcast guest.

Podcast is highlighted by a special heartfelt singing solo by Benjamin Hill.

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Show Notes and Mentions

Best of Awards review with Carter, Walker, Hill and Cudo.

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