Cyclones Wrap Fans in Warm Giveaway

Cyclones wrap their fans up for winter and we look at several scarf promotion (with a sneaky plug for our new Giveaways Page).

We haven’t been posting as many giveaway items in the Water Cooler lately because we have created a whole new page for social media links to team giveaways.  This GIVEAWAYS page is a easy way to spark some creativity by seeing how other teams are creating, marketing and distributing premium giveaway items.

Here the Cyclones have 3,000 Winter Scarves for fans. Sometimes these are connected to heritage nights or soccer-crossover promotions, since these giveaway items are often tied to soccer teams.  The Cyclones are keeping it real and just giving them to fans as a winter accessory.

Check out these Scarf-related promotions for more, and don’t miss our big fancy new Giveaways page.  Use the link or find in the the Menu under Features-Content.


Stadium Scarves


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