Crew Ignite Ritual Lights Up Match

Crew have a new pre-game ritual that not only lights up the in-game crowd, but adds online buzz to help promote the game.

The Columbus crew have a new tradition of the season it’s the match igniter.  This person starts off the match and gets fans fired up free game.  It’s new in 2023, but already creates significant chatter among the Crew faithful.

The match igniter for this weekends game has sparked a lot of debate amongst crew fans. There is even a Reddit post talking about the subject with fans guessing who it might be v(. The team has done a great job and making this moment into something that gets people talking and excited for the match.

The Crew have been in a constant push to innovate with their game presentation.  Here are a couple recent stories on featuring the Crew, including our featured content this month on Fan Supporter Sections.  Crew’s Molly Zaluski had some great insights on the Nordecke and how they create the atmosphere for the team.  Be sure to check these out if you have not already.

Huddle 2.0 – Fan Supporter Sections

High Five – Columbus Crew


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