Your fans have a fever and the only cure is more Cowbell. See how teams are using this iconic noisemaker to build a successful giveaway promotion.

Thanks in part to this iconic SNL Skit, it is widely agreed that everyone needs a little more cowbell.  Sports are in agreement as well.

Teams like the Sacramento Kings’ fan base are legendary for employing the Cowbell to support their team (and taunt opponents).  This tradition is 20 years in the making, thanks to then-Laker Coach Phil Jackson.

The tradition began in 2002 when the Sacramento Kings were facing the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. During the series, Phil Jackson, the Lakers’ former head coach, was quoted calling Sacramento a “cow town” with “semi-civilized” fans.

The fans responded by bringing cowbells to every home game during the series, which at the time had an impact on the opposing team. When rang at the same time, thousands of cowbells is not what you want to hear when shooting a free throw, as one can imagine. 

The team has become so connected to the bell season ticket holders were even presented with cowbells commemorating the inaugural season of the Golden 1 Center in 2016.

The Kings are to unique to this loud giveaway. Teams at all levels and sports have hung this giveaway around their fans.

We covered one team’s giveaway in this Six From Six – Tampa Bay Rays article:

The Rays doubled the number of giveaways this year from last year, and tripled the average number of items given away on most games. Tonight they provided one of the loudest giveaway items, the cowbell. Made famous by the “cow town” Sacramento Kings, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have found their own connection with the “cownose rays” (wiki type of fish) – actually the team admitted the cowbell connection was a “happy accident.”

The Rays really went all out on this. Giving clear instructions on when to use the bells, and instructing fans “Not to use the cowbell for no reason.” Video board instructions were played throughout the game and the pre-game included a video piece with a team broadcaster giving two fans clear instructions on when to use the bells and when not to. Well done, since cowbells have the potential to be more obnoxious than any other giveaway.

Cowbells are a useful noisemaker for fans and a durable keepsake, making the giveaway a fan favorite.

We have several great options for this giveaway providing some options at different price points, imprint options and colors.

And once fans have them in hands….things can get going.  Here’s an example from the Washington Capitals who used the cowbells for a playoff game.

One team has even created a 20-year tradition from their cowbells.  Adding the year of the giveaway has turned this premium into a collectible for fans.  Here is their story with details from 99.9 The Point.

The Colorado Eagles have been handing out Cowbells annually since 2002, each year adding the year to the imprint.  The game is routinely the loudest Colorado Eagles game of the year.

The first 2,000 fans receive a free Colorado eagles 20th Anniversary Cowbell from sponsor Dairy Max and Meadow Gold Dairy. For fans who arrive after the 2,000 bells have been distributed the Eagles print an additional 500 bells available for purchase for $20. $5 from each bell will go to the Food Banks of Northern Colorado.

Also connected to the giveaway and partnership:

  • Meadow Gold will also be hooking up for free Chocolate Milk at the RainDance Tap, while supplies last.
  • Cowbell auction with a chance to bid on all of the cowbells from the last 20 seasons.

If you are interested in a Cowbell giveaway or building a loud and successful tradition like the Eagles, use the form below and let help you with your next premium giveaway.

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