Covered in Green and Orange

A look at giveaways that are instantly useful and enhance the broader promotion.

A giveaway is maximized when fans can immediately activate it.  Rally towels and Thunderstix are a great example, no sooner are the in fan’s hands than the fans are using them to support the team.

Here are a couple great examples from Wright State and Hope College where the giveaways are instantly useful for the fans in a connective way.  Both teams are creating a Color Theme Night (Green at Wright State and Orange at Hope) so fans are a part of the fabric of the promotion as soon as they pass through the gate.  Wright State also offered Glowsticks for 2,500 fans to further enhance the effects.


These color nights have their origins from the White Out in Winnipeg, you can read more about that in this Water Cooler post:

White Out in Tucson and its Winnipeg Origins

Affiliate Night in Milwaukee

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