Coed Dance Teams are Taking Over

Dance Teams featuring men and women that no longer rely on the sexualization of women are taking hold in sports.

This could be the future of dance teams (below from the Raptors).  Integrated dance teams of men and women performing tight choreographed numbers of modern dance.  The current climate demands the pure sexualization of female dancers be removed as the foundation of professional dance teams.  I continue to be surprised by the number of teams whose performance and social media posts seem to be primarily objectifying women.  If fans aren’t overtly protesting or speaking out against this, I can guarantee its being discussed by fans and families.

Of course attractive performers will be focus, but dancers and dance teams will be better positioned and more successful if they are showcased for their talents, skills and efforts more than merely their appearance. Shifting to coed teams and positioning teams for their talent more than their appearance is a strong step in the right direction.

This is a positive trend that I expect becomes the norm fairly quickly.  The number of coed teams has increased dramatically recently and teams like the Raptors, Washington Wizards and LA Rams are leading the way and fans are taking note.

More on this dance team trend on the January 2019 Podcast with Jon Cudo and Amanda Greco.

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