Clark’s (Subtle) McGregor Takedown

Conor throws his hat into the ring for Best Celebrity First Pitch Moment.

Celebrity first pitches always have potential to be memorable.

Stepping to the front of the line for ceremonial bloopers is UFC star Conor McGregor and his first pitch offering at last night’s Cubs game.  As one twitter user noted, this also might have been his first pitch…ever.

Pay attention to Cubs mascot Clark who capitalized on the moment with the perfect deadpan reaction to the slightly-outside-the-strike-zone effort.  Clark didn’t need big wacky gestures or to try to be the centerpiece of the moment (which might be impossible), rather he gave the right subtle reaction that adds to the moment.

…and since it was Conor McGregor on the mound the option of doubling over laughing to mock the pitcher was off the table.

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