Civil War Remake

The Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State is finally over.

Interesting post from Rob Sine (formerly with the Portland Trailblazers) about the big State of Oregon rivalry called “The Civil War”.  This rivalry between Oregon and Oregon State has been called The Civil War for over a century.

The Civil War is a college rivalry between Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. The rivalry is one of the oldest in the nation, dating back to 1894 when the two universities’ football teams first met. Although the college football game is the most popular rivalry, the two universities have Civil War games in every sport that both sponsor. There is also an academic rivalry between the schools on occasion, and competitions for community services such as blood drives take place often. (wikipedia)

Part of the social awareness includes paying attention to the details and history behind names and titles.  What was once acceptable may now carry dual meanings or connotations. The schools have have smartly decided to rebrand these battles so as not to tie unnecessary meanings or feelings.

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