City Edition Extends to Entertainment in NBA

City Edition Alternate Identities are providing teams a new canvas for their entertainers and presentation.

The NBA unleashed a flood of new jersey looks this month with their league-wide 4th jersey option called City Edition.

On Nov. 10, the NBA and Nike unveiled the 2022-23 City Edition uniforms, which are now in their sixth season. These uniforms, according to Nike, continue to “represent the stories, history and heritage that make each NBA franchise unique — honoring the bonds between court, community and culture.”

This program has grown in the last six years, especially as teams have embraced the look for their entertainment teams and mascots.  Most teams now include a custom court and videoboard elements to reflect the color changes and alternate identities.

Here are a couple eye-popping looks based on the city edition, first some fire from the Knick City Dancers and then a playful take from G-Wiz who was pretty in pink in DC.

These nights provide game operations staffs a chance to roll out fun twist and provide some alternate context for their routines and in-game content.

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