Periodically Interesting Rebranding

Cougars celebrate the pending return of a billion bugs, including a swatter giveaway and food options.

Every once in a while a team rebrands in a way to really get our attention.  Like the Cougars twist into cicadas.

Cicadas are insects belonging to the order Hemiptera, suborder Auchenorrhyncha, and the superfamily Cicadoidea. They are known for their distinctive songs, which males produce to attract mates.

Here are a few reasons why cicadas are interesting:

  1. Long lifecycles: Cicadas have some of the longest lifecycles of any insect, with certain species spending as many as 13 to 17 years underground as nymphs before emerging as adults. This phenomenon is known as “periodical cicadas.”
  2. Mass emergences: When periodical cicadas emerge, they do so in huge numbers, often numbering in the millions or even billions. This mass emergence can be a spectacle to witness and can have ecological implications.
  3. Mating calls: Male cicadas produce loud mating calls by vibrating membranes on their abdomens called “tymbals.” These calls can be very loud and are often a defining characteristic of summer in regions where cicadas are prevalent.
  4. Ecological impact: Cicadas play important roles in ecosystems. When they emerge en masse, they provide a significant food source for various predators, such as birds, mammals, and even humans in some cultures.
  5. Life cycle adaptations: Cicadas have evolved various adaptations to survive and thrive in their environments. Their long lifecycles and synchronized emergences are thought to help them avoid predators and ensure successful reproduction.
  6. Cultural significance: Cicadas have cultural significance in many societies around the world. In some cultures, they are symbols of rebirth or immortality, while in others, they are associated with themes of longevity or even used in culinary dishes.

The Cougars timed this promotion with the pending return of millions (or billions) of these bugs this summer, making their bug swatters a potentially valuable gift for fans.

Illinois is predicted to be at the center of the Cicada emergence, which hasn’t occurred since 1803. Two different broods of cicadas, the 17-year brood and the 13-year brood, will be emerging from the ground at the same time. This is set to begin late May and continue throughout the summer.

To commemorate this “once in a lifetime” event, the Cougars will be wearing Kane County Cicada jerseys and caps. The jerseys will be available for auction with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Kane County Conservation Foundation and the caps will be available for pre-order. In addition to the uniforms, the first 1,000 fans through the gates will receive a custom insect swatter. Cicada Night will feature several food items in conjunction with cicadas and other insects.

In case insects aren’t your thing, it is also a Thirsty Thursday with $2 beers, $2 hot dogs and $2 sodas, plus there will be entertainment from America’s Got Talent Grace Good and post-game fireworks.

Hard pass from me on the “food items”…I will stick to hot dogs and popcorn.

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