🎧 Futball Team Quietly Spreads Love 🎧

University of Chile gesture validates and supports Autistic Kids at their game.

Another small gesture that means the world to a fan.

The University of Chile Soccer team all donned earphones to make their fans more comfortable.  A sweet inclusive gesture.

During autism awareness month, the University of Chile partnered with the Inclusive Stadium Foundation for a significant event. The team walked onto the National Stadium with children wearing noise-cancelling headphones for their game.

The gesture of a sports icon, like these soccer players can have a huge impact.  I think about story about how a popular actor caused a surge in library cards…just making it “cool” to have one.

On the 1970’s television show “Happy Days,” there was an episode where the character Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli got a library card. This event led to a notable increase in library card sign-ups in real life. After the episode aired, libraries reported a surge in the number of people, especially children and teenagers, coming in to get library cards. The show’s influence was significant because Fonzie was a popular character, and his actions on the show often inspired viewers. This particular storyline helped to promote the importance of reading and library use, demonstrating the impact that media can have on public behavior and community engagement.

Athletes can have a similar positive effect by modeling, validating the use like they are here.

See links below for more examples of Autism Night activations and our podcast highlighting team efforts to support Autism Awareness and Acceptance.


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