‘Cats Add Amazing Dog Element

Fisher Cats take this Dog Promotion from Good to Great….. and we are looking a team to take it even further.

Upgrading already strong and interesting promotions is the surest path from good to great.

Adding a small giveaway, interesting contest, outfitting an usher with the giveaway, or updating scoreboard graphics with the theme of the game can call push a promotion from fun to remarkable.

Here the Fisher Cats added a simple twist on Bark in the Park. Not only is it a double header for your dog, but dogs can live their best life and RUN THE BASES after the game.

Another twist could be a dog parade pre-game on the warning track.

In the end they made the game more memorable for the dogs and their owners with this added experience.

Now who is gonna take this to the next level with this rigged up around the bases?

Available on Kickstarter for that team looking to go from Good to Great to F’ing Incredible.

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