Water Cooler

“It isn’t enough for a promotion to be entertaining or even amusing; it must create conversation.  When the fan goes home and talks about what he has seen, he is getting an additional kick out of being able to say he was there.  Do not deny him the simple pleasure, especially since he is giving you the invaluable word-of-mouth advertising to add to the newspaper reports.”
– Bill Veeck (Hustler’s Handbook)

Hip Hop Chiefs

The Peoria Chiefs take It to the top and really work it with this 2000’s Hip Hop Night.

Birthing a Saint

The miracle of birth as seen through the eyes of a twisted minor league baseball promotional genius.


The short list for greatest premium giveaways ever has just grown by one.

Shelldon Thrills

Shelldon was counting the days to drop this thrilling mash-up dance party on Daytona.

Buzz Worthy Anthem

This baseball team found the youngest anthem singer they could find and she hit all the proper notes.

Costume Party in Green Bay

Green Bay’s other football team is deep in their promo calendar with a Super Hero Night and Top Gun Night.