Blue Claws Tap Parent Club for Unique Prizing

The Blue Claws tap into their parent club to build an unforgettable prize for fans. We look at when a prize is much more than a gift card.

When the Lakewood Blue Claws wanted to PUSH fans into Playoff mode they leaned into their parent club for some added value.

Check the prizing for this sweepstakes: Tickets to a Phillies game, unique ballpark experience and even a VIP ride to the game.

Prizes are great.  A $200 gift card feels like a $200 gift card.  But exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experiences hit differently.

The Blue Claws see that and created a gift that will last a lifetime for some fans.

We look at finding these unique experiences in the article below (Selling the Experience).  Another twist on this is creating gifts, prizes and rewards that tap into this same sui generis vibe.


Selling the Experience

America’s Best Chainsaw-Wielding Mascot

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