Bison Are Finishing Strong

The Bison are long on ideas, building on success and they are keeping things fresh at the end of a long season. And their fans are winning because of it.

The Buffalo Bison are feeling no ill-effects of the long season, coming on strong on their way down the stretch.

Here are three examples of how the fun hasn’t stopped in Buffalo.

First, they are making the most out of their LIVE RACE featuring buffalo wings, carrots, celery and the fish fry. They have created some Best of 3 Race series for the characters which has helped keep the food fresh.


Second (and we love this at….they took the time to SHOW HOW MUCH FUN THEY ARE HAVING.

Don’t let your promotions pass without SHOWING fans what they missed. Here it is as simple as showing some fans who dressed up for Marvel Night.

This tells fans that your promotions are special, they work, fans enjoy it and YOU MISSED THE LAST ONE!  And in this case it rewards and highlights fans who acted in the desired way.  “Dress Up as your favorite superhero!”….. then SHOW everyone that people are doing this.

And having a great time at the ballpark.

And this isn’t a one off, we preach this all the time.  Because it is important.

And finally, they are building on their success.  Like this promotion (that costs them nearly nothing), creates fun and layers interesting and new fun into their show.

They have Obscure Jersey Night.  Fans are asked to bring out their most random and obscure jerseys to the game and have the chance to win prizes.  It gives hosts something interesting to talk about and gets fans to bring the fun.

And since this is being “brought back”, its clearly working for the team and the fans.

The season is winding down, but the Bison aren’t done building on their successful show. Plus is a network to enhance the fan value of events.  Twice a month we gather for an hour-long discussion on an industry topic with a special guest to share their insights. Leaders like Zack Frongillo (Savannah Bananas), Steve Johnston (Kroenke Sports), Claire Czerniuk (Detroit Pistons), Zoltan Berensci (Harlem Globetrotters), John Franzone (Tampa Bay Lightning), Tyler Ferraro (Vegas Golden Knights), Maurice Brazelton (Sacramento Kings), Jackie Maldonado (Houston Texans), Todd Bosma (Portland Trail Blazers), and Anton Wright (MLSE) have discussed a wide range of industry topics.   Free One Month Trial is available now on PLUS.

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