Biscuits and Bacon

Biscuits promo giveaway tease made my mouth water. See if they lived up to their sizzling hook.

This year the Biscuits are pairing deliciously with Bacon for a tasty promotional calendar.

  • May 14: Oven Mitt GiveawayFirst 1,000 Fans of All Ages
  • April 14: Jackie Robinson Kids T-Shirt Giveaway
  • April 25: ‘If You Build It’ T-Shirt Giveaway
  • April 28: Lil’ Crumbs Dress Like a Player Hat Giveaway
  • May 12: Mother’s Day Stemless Wineglass Giveaway
  • May 23: Southern Rock T-Shirt Giveaway
  • May 25: Greenbow Bobblehead Giveaway
  • May 26: Lil’ Crumbs Dress Like a Player Military Jersey Giveaway

I was all the way into June before I realized they aren’t actually giving away BACON (which is what I wanted).  The giveaways are strong with some good variety….but sadly no Bacon.

Seems like a small tweak here and there, like Father’s Day Tie Giveaway becoming Father’s Day Tie and Bacon Giveaway and would be there for it…. but as for now it seems more like a very non-bacon giveaway calendar.


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THE YEAR OF BACON!!! 2019 PROMO schedule is available NOW! 2019 is filled with sizzling GIVEAWAYS 🥓🥓

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