Birthing a Saint

The miracle of birth as seen through the eyes of a twisted minor league baseball promotional genius.

One of the best parts of my work at is seeing the most ridiculously funny work from sports professionals everywhere.  This month I had the chance to interview Sierra Bailey with the Saint Paul Saints.  To prep for the interview I had to/got to look at all kinds of promotions and entertainment from the Saints….which brought me to this:

The Miracle of Birth Race.  Yes, the Saint simulated birth in a race complete with a giant birth canal and stroller, to the delight (and perhaps dismay) of their fans.

….but as you know, here at the Water Cooler we are looking for things that will get talked about the next day at the Water Cooler.  And this is that.

Don’t miss the full interview with Sierra Bailey where we talk about promotions, planning and execution for all their craziest ideas.  Great guest with a slew of interesting stories and insights.

June 2022 Party in the Back Podcast

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