Between the Fur: Jay Evans

Kenn Solomon is joined by former assistant to the stars Jay Evans to talk about their wildest stunts and wackiest adventures.

I get together with my former assistant Jay Evans to talk about our iconic and memorable performances in the NBA. Jay was a big part of some of my biggest and most outrageous stunts and skits I ever did in the early 2000’s. We get into everything from an impossible treadmill dance to being booed out by an emotional crowd. We had a blast with this one, stay tuned for more from Jay in the next episode!

Jumping into hot tubs, riding busses onto the Today Show, and the Lakers huddle around a toilet. This episode dives even deeper into Jay and I’s NBA career and how we pulled off some of the most bizarre antics!

Between the Fur Podcast:

Kenn Solomon is a mascot in the NBA speaking to past and present professional mascots from around the league and other pro sports. This series reveals our bizarre, funny, and inspirational stories from behind the mask and gives an exclusive insight on what it’s like behind the scenes and between the fur.

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