Bernie is Current

Bernie is hip to current event and it’s helping him drive top-level content for the Avs.

I once had a raging debate with a group of mascot friends that the newspaper could provide great skits ideas.  Still doesn’t see that controversial, since the news of the day regularity provides its own comedy ripe for parody.

Avs’ mascot Bernie has been reading the newspaper and had an eye on current event lately with two in-game gems, both hitting their mark on social media as well.

First he dialed up his inner Rhianna after the Super Bowl halftime, even adding his own bun in the over for effect.

And if that wasn’t enough this week he found use for the recent Spy Balloon outbreak for a funny in-game moment.  And there is no way to shoot down this kind of fun.

We spoke with Kroenke Sports Steve Johnston who shares some great creative insights, including how they tweaked their mascot program after listening to fans. Get the fill story here:

Recap: An Avalanche of Creativity with Steve Johnston

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