A Creative Fireball

Banana’s Director of Entertainment shares a story about his favorite moment, which is also a tutorial on dedication to the creative process.

Love this honest backstory from our friend Zack Frongillo about his favorite moment from the 2023 Banana’s World Tour.

Aside from showing off the red hot Fireball trick, it really shows that creativity is a journey.  It can come in fits and spurts, but often its the result of trail and error, finding a way and constantly asking how to do this differently and better.

If you are ever stuck on an idea or stuck with NO ideas, this video shows the resiliency that make Banana Ball so special.

@zfrong11 What do you think we should do in 2024? #flashbackfriday #fireball ♬ Fireball (feat. John Ryan) – Pitbull

One of my favorite parts is the catcher at the end, long after the fireball has become a staple in the show….he’s out there making it bigger and better. He’s acting like its a hot potato after the pitch.  Selling the magic and making even more from the story.

Great creative inspiration from Zach and the Bananas.


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