Bam Bams/Thunderstix Noisemakers

Often called Bam Bams or Thunderstix these noisemakers are loud and available with full imprint … and sure to get your crowd involved in the game.

Bam Bams/Thunderstix will get your crowd involved in the action. Order one batch for the entire season, fill the arena on a special night or pass out 500 per game and let your fans be heard with these ubiquitous inflatable tube noisemakers.

There is great space on each for team logos and sponsors. To be sure this is a low-cost, high impact giveaway that everyone loves (especially kids).

Called by various trade names like Bam Bams, Thundersticks, or Bangers these usually disposable noisemakers are everywhere.  We usually refer to them as Bam Bams, for the product like we default to unless otherwise noted.

Bam Bams is the premium name of inflated noise-making sticks and are perfect for any sports event where you want to get your fans involved. They are great behind your baskets in basketball. Fans of all ages love to be part of the action. These noisemakers are extremely popular with high schools as a fund-raising tool and sports teams at all levels.

Late Night in the Phog 2015

Bam Bams come pre-packed in a small poly bag, which makes distribution easier. You also can add a sponsor logo to our packaging for higher quantities. is a leading distributor for Bam Bams and we are proud to offer the lowest among our competitors. Our experience and knowledge with Bam Bams allows us to offer the best pricing and best service.

Comparing Bam Bams and Thunderstix 

We offer two different inflatable noisemaker products: Bam Bams and Thunderstix®. This grid shows the main differences in the products.
The primary difference is packaging. Bam Bams are packed in small poly bags, which makes them easier to distribute. Thunderstix are packed in bulk.

Costs are similar, but typically Bam Bam pricing is a little more competitive.

Thunderstix are Made in the USA, Bam Bams are not.

At we offer both, but typically price Bam Bams for our clients unless they specifically request Thunderstix. offers both Bam Bams and Thundersticks.  With two primary advantages we typically recommend Bam Bams.  First, pricing tends to be a little better with Bam Bams.  Second, for ease of distribution Bam Bams are packaged in pairs making it easier to handle (unless you plan to drape 2 over each seat).

For teams who must have products MADE IN THE USA, obviously Thundersticks are the choice.


Unless noted specifically we typically quote the product that best fits your request (either by price or delivery timelines), but we always note in our quote which we are quoting.  We do this since the terms “Thunderstix”, “Bangers”, and “Bam Bams” (to name a few) while trade names are commonly exchanged for each other.


Bam Bams



23.5″ x 4.25″ (uninflated)

24″ by 4.25″ (uninflated)


In pairs, ploy bagged with inflating straw

Packed in bulk

Color Print

up to 8 colors per side

Up to 6 colors per side


with included straw


Color Tube

Any color

Any color, match most PMS

Imprint Size

20″ by 3.75″

21″ by 3.5″

Printing Method

Intaglio Press


Plate Charges

Varies, waived at higher quantities



FOB VA or China


Production Time

2-8 weeks, longer lead times reduces pricing

3 weeks,
some rush available







Art accepted

Vector Art

Vector Art

Other Variations

Pom Bam Bams

The Bam Bams product line is expanding once again. This time they have invented the Pom Bams.

Essentially the same as the ever popular Bam Bams, except they feature pompom ends. All Pom Bams come with silver pompom ends. They are packaged the same as Bam Bams, in a plastic package, in pairs with a straw for inflation.

Metallic Bam Bams

A metallic finish on the standard Bam Bams increases the visibility, with great prices.

Giant Bam Bams, Light Up Bam Bams, Shaped Bam Bams, Sport Themed Bam Bams and more.

Use the form below for a price quote on your next order of inflatable noisemakers.

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