August 2022 Party in the Back Podcast

In August we Party with Matthew Kaminski, who Sports Illustrated called “an expert troll” on social media. Matthew shares his experience as the Atlanta Braves Organist. Plus Rob Wicall talks about the first installment of his new series Impact Moments.

This month on Party in the Back we party with a World Champion Organist from the Atlanta Braves. Matthew Kaminski has been combining a flair on the ivory with an innovation on social media to create a ‘game within the game’ for Braves fans.  His walk up song selections keep fans on their toes and engaged in the game (and broadcast) and he has been called ‘the most notable feature at Atlanta’s Truist Park‘.

We talk to Matthew about his fourteen year journey with the Braves including industry organists who have inspired him, how the game flows between his bumps and the music operator and how he doles out the black check marks to savvy fans.

On throwing out the first pitch at the GreenJackets Game:

I throw like an organist. 🤣
-Matt Kaminski

Plus Matthew talks about the pros and cons of sitting in the Press Box as opposed to be out with the fans.  And finally he shares his experience on the road playing for a minor league as guest organist….which included throwing out the first pitch.

Then Rob Wicall joins the Party to talk about the first installment of his new content series on called Impact Moments.  While Rob got his industry start as a mascot, he has always looked at the game operations though the lens of a producer.  His column offers the benefits of extending your show to everyone on staff including ushers and security.  

Plus Cudo and Wicall talk about the July 2022 Mascot U program at the Mascot Hall of Fame, including a speaking appearance by the mascot GOAT.

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