The Amazing Baseball Adventure by Josh Pahigian

Author Josh Pahigian looks at 101 Ballpark Wonders which is a great game operations and entertainment primer to find ways to make the most of your stadium and its people.

I had the pleasure to interview Josh Pahigian in 2019 about his book about baseball wonders.

The book looks at 101 ballpark elements which drive fan engagement, entertainment or just add to the experience of going to the event.   These elements break down (primarily) into three categories (in my mind): Building Elements, Characters and Escapism.

Building elements are like the Green Monster at Fenway, the giant Bull sign in Durham, or the Lighthouse at the Portland Sea Dogs Stadium. They make the building unique and are often sought out for photos or for the achievement of finding it or seeing it.

Characters are those people who make going to the game memorable. Like a crazy hot dog vendor who rides an ostrich or a fan who beats a drum for his team in the outfield.

I defined “escapism” as places or activities at the game that take you away from it all. It might be a fire pit on the concourse on a cool spring night in Michigan or cool winding lazy river you can tube down on a hot night in Texas.

The book gives you 101 of these elements with lot of photos and insight from Josh who has seen them all. This book is a delight for anyone working in sports, as well as anyone who enjoys the hundreds of ways baseball teams are entertaining fans across the country.

You can hear more from Josh in the March 2020 Party in the Back Podcast (we have an exclusive excerpt from our interview) or read our full interview with Author Josh Pahigian.

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