The Red Coats Arrive in Akron

What if the Red Coats were undefeated?

Following the July 4th independence Day celebration one team looked at life if we DIDN’T win the Revolution.

The Akron RubberDucks hosted a Salute to the UK on July 6th.

Some fans were not in the mood post-July 4th fireworks and grilling:

“Saluting” the UK and wondering aloud whether we would’ve been better off without the American Revolution. It’s one thing to celebrate the UK — especially its musical contributions — but quite another to inject “what could’ve been” into America’s Favorite Pastime. Minor-league baseball promotions have always been kind of wacky — anything to get fans in seats — but this one seems oddly timed coming during the week Americans celebrate our independence from King George. (PJ Media)

It makes you wonder if we’d even have America’s Pasttime if we were still a English colony… 🧐



Side Note: I rarely think of the American Revolution without thinking about a children’s book I read with some interesting anecdotes like this one:  Paul Revere is often noted as riding through town loudly warning “The British are coming! The British are coming!”  This was unlikely what he said, since most of the colonists would have called themselves “British”.  Revere was more likely warning that “The Red Coats are coming!” since they were considered to the the oppressive foe to British colonists.

Yes, I know that’s an odd thing to think about….but I do.  BTW, it’s a great children’s book…

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