AG Night Debut in GR

Cowboy hats and petting zoo highlight AG Night in GR.

The White Caps are growing their promo calendar with this celebration of the Culture of Agriculture next month.

Agriculture plays a crucial role in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, contributing significantly to its economy, food security, and environmental sustainability. With a rich agricultural heritage, the region benefits from fertile soils, favorable climate conditions, and a diverse range of crops. The agricultural sector not only generates substantial revenue and job opportunities but also fosters local food production, reducing dependence on external sources and ensuring food availability and affordability for residents. In Kent County alone, which encompasses Grand Rapids, agriculture contributes over $1.1 billion to the economy annually, with more than 1,400 farms covering nearly 200,000 acres of land. These farms produce a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and livestock, serving both local and global markets. Agriculture also plays a vital role in preserving the region’s natural resources, as sustainable farming practices promote soil conservation, water management, and biodiversity preservation. Overall, the agricultural sector in the Grand Rapids area is integral to its economic growth, food supply chain, and environmental sustainability, making it a critical component of the region’s prosperity.

There are several levels targeted to the Ag community including a giveaway of 1000 Whitecap-themed Cowboy hats.

Plus a petting zoo.

  • Ag Night! –  Come celebrate the West Michigan Agriculture Community.
    • Game Highlight: Whitecaps Cowboy Hat Giveaway – Be one of the first 1,000 fans through the gates and receive a Whitecaps Cowboy Hat on Ag Night.
  • Bulletin Night – Get half-off all bowl seats, including premium seats, when you show a worship or community bulletin. Limit 8 tickets per bulletin.

Really hoping to see a PONY race too, like this one from our recent game review, High Five – Portland Sea Dogs.


And Ag theme isn’t just happening in Michigan:

Nothing to See Here

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