Johnny Canuck is ALL IN on Country

Abbotsford goes all the way with the theme and wins every time.

🤠 If you hate Country music, don’t come. 😆 

Country Night rocks in Abbotsford, or doesn’t.  Either way, it’s a successful annual hook for fans.

Jen Graham from the Canucks explains, “Country Night is always a hit here.  The vibe that Country night brings just kinda takes the tension down… basically if you hate Country music, don’t come… because we carry the theme all the way through.   I’d you love it, buckle up, ’cause there is a ton.  We try to stay on theme all the way through.”

Of course that’s the key to elevating any promotion, Go All the Way.

Music may be the best way to establish and build any promotion so a theme where MUSIC is the centerpiece has potential to be powerful and memorable.

Great night for Canuck fans (except those who don’t like Country Music, ha).

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