A Song Breaks Out in Kzoo

Wings mascot Slappy just won’t stop believin’. He holds on to that feeling with a Wings Broadcaster.

Wings mascot Slappy and Broadcaster John Peterson had some fun on Instagram with this powerful 80’s classic by Journey.

We love a good mascot skit during the shutdown. Keeping things fresh and your game entertainment at the front of fans’ mind.

I have always loved the pairing of team broadcasters (particularly radio) and the mascot, since they complement each other so well. One has only their physical presence and one has mostly their voice. Together they can visually grab a crowd and then engage them together. A great way to fill an inherent limitation each have.

Wings are famous for their color ice games, check out how that started with this interview with Stephen Doherty – Wings Green Ice Promotion.

Also from the KWings:


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