Best of Water Cooler 2020 Polling Page

Best Water Cooler Moment. Round One voting is now complete. The Toronto Raptors have won this bracket.

October 2020 Party in the Back Podcast

Ben Hill from talks about the year we missed in sports promotions, the outlook for 2021 and cannibalism. Plus Cameron Hughes.

Wacky Waving Mascot Dancer

Now you can add a custom tube man of your mascot to attract attention to your event space, concourse or mascot appearance.

Between the Fur: Jeremy Legg

Atlanta Falcons mascot Jeremy Legg talks about wrecking Kevin Green’s Millennium Dodge Viper and “Freddie The Falcon” changing lives.

Temporary Tattoos

Dress your fans for success with this easy to apply option. Temporary tattoos are an inexpensive giveaway and fundraising opportunity.

Best of and Nominations

Since 2001 the Best of Awards have been presented for excellence in game operations and entertainment.  Read the background and make new nominations here.

The Hustler’s Handbook – Bill Veeck

Veeck’s classic handbook on innovative sports marketing.

Jon Terry – History of Baseball Acts

Jon Terry is the owner of SRO Productions of Tulsa. After booking baseball acts he aquired a keen interest in the history of sports acts. He drops some insight from Al Schact to Morganna.