MascotLink is Coming to

Mark Out Productions, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of MascotLink.

July 2024 Party in the Back Podcast

July 2024 Party in the Back Podcast includes a lively discussion with Shine Entertainment’s Amanda Greco on taking risks, connecting music to your promotions, pushing performers and the value of a building a big bullpen entrance.

Recap: Cue-to-Cue with Maurice Brazelton


Tic-Tac-GO! is a Exclusive turn-key sponsor-friendly promotion. Adapts to any sport, and the game is simple.

Scout Patches

Complete your Scout Night program with this custom commemorative patch.

The Party in the Back Podcast

Enjoy the Party in the Back Podcast hosted by Founder Jon Cudo (formerly the Podcast) and related game entertainment podcasts like Between the Fur. The Party in the Back Podcast is a monthly podcast with industry leaders and news related to sports entertainment and game operations.

🔫 Shirt Launchers at The Store 🔫

Full selection of t-shirt cannons and launchers. From simple low-cost sling shots to sleek high-end shirt launchers, has the best selection of launchers on the web. We also have parachute targets and extra parts, like CO2 Tanks and filling stations.

Mini Prize Wheel – 12 slot 20.5 inch

A traditional clicker style 12-pocket 20.5 inch prize wheel, with easy to create prize cards.

Cornell Freeney – German Wheel

From suspenseful to dynamic in less than 5 minutes, we get the backstory on dymanic performing artist Cornell Freeney and his German Wheel performance.

PULSE: Fireworks

Battling the Dog Days