April 2024 Party in the Back Podcast

Jon Long (Oil Kings) and Scott Sproat (Komets) discuss their successful Ghostbusters Movie Nights. They share the importance of giving their fans something fresh and new and striving to get a reaction from their fans. Who you gonna call?

Between the Fur: Benny’s Secret Retirement

Kenn sits down with John Nunez, the former embodiment of the iconic “Benny The Bull” Mascot for eight thrilling years.

Recap: Bumping Audio with Josh Sabo and Jake Wagner

Bam Bams/Thunderstix Noisemakers

Often called Bam Bams or Thunderstix these noisemakers are loud and available with full imprint … and sure to get your crowd involved in the game.

Protective Gear

We look at the value of good protective Gear for Promotions, Games and Contests.

High Five – Cleveland Guardians

Build el Burrito

The Build el Burrito contest is a flexible and creative contest, suitable for any sport, and popular with sponsors.

iNormous Phone

iNormous Phone with customized graphics printed on super durable 10mm Coroplast with light.

The Party in the Back Podcast

Enjoy the Party in the Back Podcast hosted by Founder Jon Cudo (formerly the Podcast) and related game entertainment podcasts like Between the Fur. The Party in the Back Podcast is a monthly podcast with industry leaders and news related to sports entertainment and game operations.

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